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Here I am again in my feelings. No matter how hard I try, you’re always on my mind. ALWAYS. I’m lying here in bed thinking about you, but I’m far from being in your mind. I think I’ve officially gone crazy… I can’t stomach the feelings I have for you. They’re so all over the place I can’t keep them to myself. I have to tell someone… I wish that person was you, but you don’t care. I have too much hope. Hope is a terrible thing…it makes the impossible seem possible even tho you know the outcome…but you can’t accept it. You have to see it for yourself. No one will love you like I love you. I pray that you feel what I’m feeling and come to your senses. I’m praying so hard that I don’t lose my world, my bestfriend, my angel, my everything. It isn’t looking good right now…but fighting and hoping is all I can do right now. In the end it may end up exactly how I know it’s gonna end…but I have to see for myself. The love I have for you just won’t fade away…it hurts even more seeing you’ve found someone else who can take me off your mind. I wish I had that…I wish I could do how you’re doing…but my love for you is so deep being with someone else doesn’t feel right..we don’t vibe like you and I…I’m just thinking about you. I’m just thinking about us….I miss you, I miss everything.

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